Tech Sessions

We have had several "unofficial" tech sessions to get Kevin's car up and running!
(replace wiring harness, tranny swap, rear end replacement, lizard skin coating, interior replacement, exhaust, etc., etc., etc.)

NCMCC Tech Topic: Autocross Car Handling and Set Up Basics

Added a super charger (2002 GT)

Replace cruise control buttons (1997 Cobra)

Exhaust system replacement (2002 GT)

Lower seat pan (1967 Coupe), Weld on sub-frame connectors (1997 Coupe)

Battery box relocated to rear (1997 GT)

BBK equal tuned header installation (1997 GT)

Replace motor mounts (1967 Coupe)

Tech Session Guidelines

1) Be Safe. Safety is a primary concern during Tech Sessions.
2) Have FUN!!
3) Tech session are designed to help each other fix and learn about mustangs and mustang care.
4) A Tech Session is a Club Activity and attendance is open to all members.
5) Bring your camera, as tech session pictures are encouraged to be shared via the website.
6) Bring special application tools you require, as most of the time, other tools are provided by hosting member, though it never hurts to bring along your own.
7) Hosting members tools should not be mixed or combined with tools you bring to aviod misplacement.
8) Bring all your parts and accessories that you need to the Tech Session.
9) Please, No Smoking on Tech Session premises/garages.

Legal Stuff:
Anyone being unsafe will be asked to leave the Tech Session.
Hosting member will not be held liable for any injuries or damage done to other persons/property while attending the tech session as noted on the Statement of Liability on the Membership Application.